Sevya Fuses Fair Trade with Fashion

Sevya Fuses Fair Trade with Fashion
Sevya’s collection of fair trade clothing, accessories, and home décor incorporate hand-weaving, block-printing, and hand-embroidery, and the designs exemplify the artisans’ mastery in their craft. Sevya is also dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of chemical byproducts by using low-impact and organic plant-based dyes in their textiles.

Sevya works with artisan cooperatives in many regions of India and helps them to revive craft techniques that were on the brink of extinction, as well as using new materials (such as recycled plastic bags for shopping to help reduce environmental waste. Sevya also promotes the use of traditional organic materials, such as forest or “peace” silk, which is silk that is harvested from empty cocoons on forest trees. This raw material encourages reforestation and provides much needed livelihood for tribal communities living in India’s most remote regions.

Sevya is well-known for its extensive collection of wholesale scarves and is building a strong foundation in the global market for fair trade, affordable fashion.

1816 Belgrade Ave. Unit B
Charleston, SC 29407
Tel. – 303-440-4900
Fax – 303-200-9248

“Sevya” is a Sanskrit word that means “caring through service”. Sevya is a vision of service through mindful and conscious consumption, through caring for the environment and humanity at large. Sevya supports artisan groups in India that have little access to marketing avenues by reviving endangered art forms and showcasing their products in the global arena. A portion of all proceeds is reinvested in these communities through micro-finance, education, and health care programs.

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