VERSUCHSKIND DENIM is a BERLIN-based premium-menswear jeansbrand from the designers Tanja Kim Kupke and Thomas Hintz, both received a modelist and stylist diploma from the Berlin branch of the international fashion school ESMOD. Diploma stylist and modelist Thomas Hintz received the Aiguille d’or (Golden Needle) at the diplomashow for outstanding performance during the entire studies. The brand-logo VERSUCHSKIND (engl. experimental child) is an
artwork of the internationally successful sculptor and artist Matthias Hintz. The picture shows a child’s head, from which an antenna is growing. This symbolizes the enormous interest of the child for everything. The child as such is still unbiased and has a pure view of things. Thus, it is able to think “new.” VERSUCHSKIND starts with two cuts named SOHNo.0 (engl. son) and SOHNo.1.

The artwork „VERSUCHSKIND“ consists of several dyes and wax levels. All colours of the collection are directly inspired from the artwork: white, gray, blue, black blue -> in different shades. VERSUCHSKIND is thinking about ways to make the jeans unique. Therefore all finishes, washes and colorings are made by hand to make each jeans look different – the patina makes them unique. Important during the manufacturing process is, that the jeans cover
short ways (CO2 emissions). The jeans are 100% – made in germany – also all fabrics come from german suppliers.

VERSUCHSKIND jeans always have a swing in the leg. This has the following background: the curved leg always produces a typically masculine style, e.g. association: look of a Cowboy. This original look of the jeans is the base – and the approach – of the work from VERSUCHSKIND. The idea is: to interpret this look to give the jeans a new identity.
A love for details and a high wearing comfort with top-level manufacturing – made in germany – characterizes the look. Made by hand is an important point during manufacturing. VERSUCHSKIND uses REAL SILVER-COATED buttons – sewing by hand on a bamboo ribbon – and 100% silk – pocket lining and piping.

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