“Future Feminine” Collection at Couture Fashion Week New York

Pietra Pizarro to Showcase "Future Feminine" Collection at Couture Fashion Week New York

Pietra Pizarro to Showcase “Future Feminine” Collection at Couture Fashion Week New York

Come see the unveiling of dynamic fashion designs by Pietra-Pizarro, a division of Banchi Design, during Couture Fashion Week in New York City at 6:00 p.m. on Friday, February 17, 2012. The runway show will be held in the Grand Ballroom of the world-famous Waldorf Astoria hotel on Park Avenue.


Every artist has his/her unique vision. But sometimes, you meet another artist whose way of seeing complements your own. That’s precisely what happened when visionary Peruvian designer Pietra Banchi met Puerto Rican beauty and fashion photographer Susan Pizarro-Eckert.

Although their shared Latina heritage initially brought them together, they soon discovered they had much more in common. Both are painters. Both are artists. And aesthetically, their visions complement one other so much so that they enjoy an almost magical synchronicity when collaborating on design concepts.

But there’s a twist. Whereas Pietra’s perspective leans toward feminine, soft and flowy, Pizarro’s interprets feminine style with a playful or unexpected element that enables them to marry their visions and create something unique and edgy.

THE 2012 FALL COLLECTION: Introducing “The Future Feminine.”
Pietra Pizarro is very excited to share their newest collection which goes beyond simply celebrating the beauty of the feminine figure, to revealing the unabashed power of the female form. In each of our pieces, viewers will find a beautiful juxtaposition of seemingly opposing elements: Tough yet soft. Strong yet feminine. Powerful yet absolutely female. The Future Feminine collection recalls soft silhouettes of days gone by, adding a futuristic touch by incorporating materials and accessories for the bold, modern woman.

The Pietra Banchi fashion show at Couture Fashion Week is sponsored by Frank’s Decorating and 1800 Cantaso Law Firm.

For more information visit: www.banchidesign.com


Couture Fashion Week is a multi-day event showcasing couture and luxury fashion. It also includes exhibits of luxury brands and fine art as well as world-class entertainment and receptions. The event is held at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York City and is attended by upscale consumers, invited VIPs, the press and high-end store buyers. Couture Fashion Week offers unique promotional opportunities for luxury products and services.

Visit the event website for more information: www.CoutureFashionWeek.com

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